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Future livelihoods in Rural Kazakhstan

  • Date - from Sep 4, 2017 to Sep 5, 2017

Kazakhstan faced many challenges since it achieved its independence in 1991. Indeed, switching from planned economy to a free market was not an easy step.  But while the early years were a period of crisis for many of its citizens, the progress that has been made in the last 25 years is truly impressive. In particular since the early and mid-2000s an economic boom, fueled by growing revenues from the exploitation of natural resources, has benefited people all over the country.

Still, there are numerous challenges ahead and the distribution of benefits is far from uniform. Differences occur both regionally as well as along a rural-urban divide, although the latter has been bridged to some degree in recent years.

In this two-day session, the progress Kazakhstan achieved as well as the challenges the country still faces are discussed in two public lectures and workshops. The focus is set on rural areas of Kazakhstan and the difficulties as well as achievements that have been made in this regard.

The first afternoon will be spent between discussions and presentations by experts. During the second day, workshops with students and interested faculty members focus on themes related with the public lectures (development of markets, agriculture and pastoralism, social changes and regional variations, chances, perspectives and obstacles, etc.).


Chair:              Dinara Abildenova (UZH)

Session 1

10:00 - Peter Finke & Dinara Abildenova (UZH): Introduction

10:15 - Svetlana Kovalskaya (ENU): Kazkah Nomadic Culture in the XX century: Tragic Losses, Gains and Strategies of Survival

11:00 - Gulnara Dadabayeva (KIMEP): Land Issues for Pastoralism Development in modern-day Kazakhstan

12:00 - Lunch Break

Session 2

13:30 - Dauren Oshakbayev (TALAP): Agricultural Policies, Emerging Markets and Farming Strategies in Rural Kazakhstan

14:15 - Didar Kassymova (KIMEP): Social Capital of Oralman for Rural Economics in modern-day Kazakhstan

15:00 - Coffee Break

15:30 - Peter Finke (UZH): Perspectives on Pastoralism in Central Asia

16:15 - Final Discussion